Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Good friends, good times, good music.

So much has happened in the last few weeks. I mean other than cleaning my room. I turned 22 on the 17th of January!

The weeks leading up to that date I was sad and I couldn't quite figure out why. For days I was in a sort of "emo" funk that I couldn't shake, no matter how much I cleaned the kitchen (I clean when I'm upset). But on Wednesday the 14th of January I finally realised that I missed my friends and the knowledge that I would see them on the eve of my birthday was like an amazing beacon of hope.

It sounds lame. It sounds like something out of an American after-school special. But it's true. The thought that in just a few short days I would be surrounded by people I love and who love me was exactly what I needed to get me out of the funk. That's when it hit me how important friends are - and I don't mean MSNing or emailing them. Or even creating a YouTube collab channel with them. I mean actual hugs and smiles and laughter. There's nothing quite like being completely ridiculous with your friends.

So since then I've been a lot more active in arranging meetings with my friends. I'm avoiding the return of the emo funk. Sadly some of my best friends live in the UK and USA but I need to make more time for the ones who live closer and more of an effort to get together with the UK ones. The USA ones will just have to put up with Skype sessions until the summer.

Turn to the Music:
Two of my dearest friends came to visit me from England for my birthday and as we walked into the airport we sang this:

Friday, January 9, 2009

Closing the Door

Every so often I need to hide away from the world. I close the front door and stay in my house, avoiding going outside at all costs. Even to the garden. I think this is day four. I'm not sure why I do it exactly but a recent almost-argument with my father about going out to buy paint has alerted me to the fact. Is it a condition? Have I developed temporary agoraphobia? Well, I'm not sure. Perhaps is the answer. I mean I'm not really afraid, more extremely reluctant. In fact it could just be chronic laziness.

The only thing that detracts from the laziness idea is that I'm shying away from life, even on the internet. Facebook, MySpace and Twitter all give me a hollow feeling and I'm wary of them.

Luckily I know it won't last forever. I know this because it's happened before. In fact it usually occurs at the beginning of a holiday after working for a long time. Well. In a way, I suppose, this is one big life holiday. 

However, I couldn't say that I'm sitting inside all day and watching TV. Quite the opposite. I've been cleaning and tidying and cooking and knitting. I've also been thinking a lot and reading and, of course, listening to music.

I have to admit that so far I don't miss the outside world at all. I mean, it's only been three days, right? I recommend staying in and enjoying leisurely pursuits to anyone who has the time. The Christmas holidays were too mad to get anything done. Now is the time to pick up that book you've been meaning to read for weeks, turn off the TV and have some "me" time.

Turn to the Music:
Well, if you need motivation, or inspiration for any reason try this newish song by Snow Patrol : Take Back This City. (videokindofsucks)