Monday, May 24, 2010

Vision Board

Yesterday I made one of those lame-ass vision board things. You're meant to find pictures of what you want in life and shtick 'em onto a poster. Or, alternatively flick through magazines and just cut out the pictures that capture you or spark your imagination.

I wish I had a camera so that I could show you what I put in. I'll have to improvise with Google Images.

Muffin with star:





Vegetable soup:

An orange:

Cup of tea in pretty flowery china teacup:

A laattteee:

Woman in apron holding a tray of cupcakes:

A yellow flower:

Lavender x2:

Girl with bunch of flowers:

Girl spinning in pretty purple dress.

Needle and thread:

1940s lady looking mysteriously happy (Yes. I know this is Grace Kelly. She's closest to the picture):

Paper party streamers:

Cracked Tree trunk:

Flicked Liquid Eyeliner:

Plus the words GORGEOUS CURLS and five pictures of Robert Downey Jr.

When I went to sleep last night I decided that this meant nothing more that I was hungry when I was making it. Which is true, but something is clear here. I like food. A lot. I only recently realised for certain that good food is one of my passions in life. No matter what I end up doing - if I work in SuperValu stocking the frozen section - cooking, baking, growing and eating food will ALWAYS be a part of me. I was brought up around recipes and ingredients. People knew we were about excellent food. It's true that I would like my career to involve food. That is one of the reasons why "event management" is such a positive thing for me to do - it's stretchy. It means I can incorporate my passions (music, food, dresses, people, singing, talking) into my life.

There's kind of a crossover there with nature. Flowers and fruit.

I'd love to let a psychoanalyst analyse this for me and tell me what it meanssssss!

ALSO! Since I pasted all those pictures, my camera arrived from Ebay. :D So I may post one later of the chart! :D

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Song of the Provinces

On Wednesday (28th April) the choir I sing in, the Fleischmann Choir, opened the Cork International Choral Festival with the Cork School of Music Orchestra. Under the leadership of our conductor Dr. Geoff Spratt we performed Song of the Provinces, a piece written by Professor Aloys Fleischmann himself.

The wonderful thing about this musical work is that it requires audience participation. After the melody is taught, the audience must join in with the choir several times. It's amazing how it came together on the night. Putting it together with the frankly EPIC orchestral accompaniment in rehearsals was one thing, but to hear the audience join in for the main melody was just unbelievable. It gave me shivers and I couldn't keep the grin from my face.

I think Prof. Fleischmann was there in spirit, singing with us. He had admirable views on the importance of choirs in communities and it's undeniable that the the sense of community in the City Hall on Wednesday was at its strongest while everyone sang together.

Below is the video of the performance. Watch Geoff conduct the audience, I love that!