Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Different Things.

This morning as surreal. I wasn't at work. Work finished last Friday and yesterday was a bank holiday. There was a weird moment where I'd just cleaned the kitchen and hulled a load of strawberries for jam and I thought "I shouldn't be here." It was bittersweet because I would have been going into a double practical class which I never enjoyed but I sort of missed that sense of very fixed purpose.

So instead of shouting at a load of fourteen-year-olds, I made strawberry jam. :) I used a recipe from out family bible (below) which uses quite a troubling amount of sugar.




strawberry jam pots

This evening I made chocolate chip and hazlenut cookies....


Can you tell I need a purpose?


The Author said...

You have a purpose! You are meant to go to the post office and send me some of your delicious foods :)

Amy Snow said...

I sent you the recipe for those cookies! You can make them yourself!!!